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Holographic labels & security stickers—a new way of advancing your product’s security

Veritech Holographic labels & security stickers—a new way of advancing your product’s security

February 23

Holographic labels & security stickers—a new way of advancing your product’s security

At present, on any product you purchase, you will see 3D shimmering stickers, which are significant Hologram labels. These Hologram stickers are the output of advanced technology in protecting your products. Brand security provides by anti-counterfeit technology. Hologram labels are used explicitly in industrial packaging since they can protect your products from being duplicated and forged. It is also a next-to-impossible task to duplicate the Hologram labels if manufactured by a leading firm specializing in these services. Hologram Security Stickers are polyester labels that are tamper-evident and come in combinations of colors and release residues.

Security Stickers & seals are a great option to protect not only someone’s product but also the brand itself. Hologram stickers have unique optical properties that make them almost impossible to duplicate. In addition, custom Hologram labels can be easily authenticated by customers and users.

Veritech provides security holograms labels that will protect your products from counterfeiting and diversion and eye-catching and complete fill with every requirement of existing packaging.

Customized Hologram stickers are security stickers that can be customized with printed information, such as company logos and serializations. This could be considered an extra layer to protect your product’s second layer protection.

Advantages of Hologram security stickers: 

  • Hologram labels are self-destructive on peeling the tamper-evident. This is because when someone tries to peel the sticker, it gets tampered with and cannot be stuck on any other item or document.
  • It is tough to reproduce the Hologram stickers and hence stand no chance of counterfeiting.
  • The Hologram stickers are manufactured in the desired shapes and designs. Therefore, it becomes easy to validate the items quickly and attract customers.
  • 3D holograms are eye-catching designs that attract customers and also help in branding
  • These labels can be used on essential documents, consumer goods, driving licenses, ID cards, etc.

360° Protection – Types of Security available with security labels

There are 3 ways of protecting liquor bottles from pilferage and counterfeits, Physical Security and Digital Security.

Physical Security: These features prevent counterfeiters from copying the packaging of products and make pilferage detectable. They consist of optical, print, ink, and stock features.

Digital Security: These features use digital technology to make packaging traceable and trackable. They are based on codes printed on physical security products or surfaces and are encrypted and secure so that external elements cannot access the data. They can also be used to collect other allied data from users.

Physical + Digital Security: This is a combination of Physical and Digital Security to provide maximum protection.

It is a 360° Brand Protection Solution that uses Physical Security, Track and Trace, and GPS. It combines hardware and software at various levels of the Supply Chain to ensure complete visibility and security.