Track & Trace Get 100% visibility into your product authentication

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Track & Trace                                                                                    Get 100% visibility into your product authentication

Veritech Track & Trace                                                                                    Get 100% visibility into your product authentication

December 29

Track & Trace Get 100% visibility into your product authentication

As the material and parts in the manufacturing process travel a great distance throughout the supply chain process, the proper documentation and validations at each step become essential to achieve traceability. Track and trace is the pinpoint solution of any item’s current and past locations in your supply chain.

The need for real-time tracking and tracing to provide relevant information as a single product moves through the chain to the customer has largely been unfulfilled.

Manufacturers search for technological solutions for tracking and tracing the distribution and logistics for their products.

Veritech plus Track & Trace solution-The 360-degree, failsafe secure monitoring system works by assigning a QR CODE-based UID affixed on the label to ensure the safest real-time tracking. Moreover, the added benefit of the Hologram is offered to make it tamperproof, with the facility to authenticate against counterfeit through Veritech plus, makes it a multidimensional tool. 

Veritech plus Track & Trace Solution is a cloud-based multi-platform solution that can be accessed on any platform, viz.

(a) Windows program

(b) Web-based

(c) Mobile App (Android & iOS) 

Manufacturers: It can access real-time location information anywhere, anytime on any platform, including mobile. In conjunction with the Hologram solution, it can identify the exact location of malpractices like pilferage and counterfeiting. Used creatively, it can become an unsurpassed tool for finding long-term trends regarding movement & bottlenecks and hence an invaluable tool in decision making

Distributors: At this position, real-time location information can fluently and accessibly be accessed on any specific item on multiple platforms. This serves as an excellent complaint resolution system. Also, the Distributor can check the authenticity of the products through the hologram.

End-User: The product’s location can be checked along with the genuineness through the app.

How it Works

Track and trace processing
  • Primary packages are scanned and a code is generated with all the product Information
  • The code is printed on a label and applied to tertiary packaging
  • Each tertiary package is scanned before loading and the data captured into an RIFD chip mounted on the vehicle
  • Now the real-time current or past location of the vehicle can be tracked via GPS

Some of its advantages are:

  • Real-Time traceability & location information
  • Elimination of revenue loss due to pilferage
  • Minimizes shrinkage
  • Eliminates potential causes for delays 
  • Eliminates causes for errors
  • Streamlines the entire supply chain process
  • Protects company brand value
  • Captures data for business analytics

Veritech plus Track & Trace result is a dynamic, multi-platform tool for force chain security that safeguards against weight theft & counterfeiting. It is a secure supply chain monitoring system with advanced levels of security and traceability across logistics networks of any scale. It is a comprehensive solution that can be plugged into existing MIS systems for better production planning and customer relationship management.