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Nano – Optics Technology

Is your brand being counterfeited?

Protect your brand with VeriOVD, the ultimate fail-proof anti-counterfeiting solution with ground-breaking Nano-Optics Technology

Staying one step ahead of counterfeiters is no easy task when their copying techniques gets better and better. One of the most effective ways to tackle this is to use a technology which is almost inimitable, and VeriOVD is exactly that!

To combat the problem of tampering, repackaging, and counterfeiting of your genuine products, Veritech has been working tirelessly since last 3 decades for various industries around the globe. We are thrilled to introduce VeriOVD – our revolutionary solution with world-class technology that integrates Nano-Optics into OVDs (Optically Variable Devices).

Why VeriOVD is way ahead of conventional security holograms?

  • Robust security features inimitable by counterfeiters
  • Catchy features for easy identification by consumers
  • Highly customised for all kinds of applications like security seals, MRP labels, etc
  • Useful for every industry

Nano-Optics Technology in OVDs

VeriOVD, the ultra-secure Nano-Optics OVDs from Veritech are manufactured using one of the world’s most advanced OVD origination systems procured from 4PICO, Netherlands, which is one of the first of its kind in India. Nano-Optics technology enables the production of amazingly detailed OVDs, with stunning visual effects such as mirror effects, true 3D images and high depth perception. It delivers both advanced security features and distinctive optical features. The security features of VeriOVD are almost impossible to be copied by the counterfeiters.

Who should opt for VeriOVD ?

It is evident that the consequences of product counterfeiting can range from lost revenues, tarnished reputations of brands to serious threats to public health. So globally, any industry you may be from, if you suspect or have knowledge of your products being counterfeited, then VeriOVD is for you. Also, you can proactively use VeriOVD to protect your brand before counterfeiters harm it.

We understand that every company’s needs and challenges are different. Therefore, we offer highly customised solutions to protect your brand and consumers by combining multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies.

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