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COVID vax counterfeiting is a growing problem

COVID vax counterfeiting is a growing problem

December 2, 2021

Labels of used Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine vials that were removed by a health worker to prevent counterfeiting are stuck on a box at a vaccination center.

It is an unfortunate reality in our global society that whenever the great human need exists, there will be people of ill intent attempting to fulfill that need with fraudulent solutions that have the potential to do serious harm. We’re seeing that right now in conjunction with the worldwide effort to vaccinate people against the COVID-19 virus. Criminals are taking advantage of our collective desperation to be vaccinated and bring an end to this pandemic by producing and distributing counterfeit vaccines as fast as they can.

In Mexico, people have been paying the equivalent of $1,000 a dose for fake vaccines kept in portable coolers. Authorities in Poland have seized “vaccine” vials that are filled instead with components of anti-wrinkle treatments. In locales as far-flung as China and South Africa, law enforcement officials are impounding thousands of fake vaccine doses.

The World Health Organization has issued an alert saying these fraudulent substances “pose a serious risk to global public health.” A separate analysis by Oxford University found that 150 reports of incidents on quality issues related to COVID-19 vaccines were linked to 41 countries and the internet generally.

These are, in fact, vile crimes, deluding innocent and frightened people into believing they are being protected against a life-threatening virus when they are not. That can only increase new infections and deaths worldwide.