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Fake oximeter gang busted in Kolkata

Fake oximeter gang busted in Kolkata

May 27, 2021

KOLKATA: The Enforcement Branch has busted a gang that was manufacturing unbranded oximeters —some of them actually fakes— and then selling them off as branded products at exorbitant prices ranging between Rs 2500 and 4000.

The police said that they have seized a lot of raw products from the makeshift factory at Thakur pukur though raids are on to nab the gang members.
“We have been carrying out raids against fake and high-cost oximeters. We received information through our sources on Tuesday evening that oximeters were being manufactured locally and sold as expensively as Rs 4000. During investigation and raid at the Amritalal Mukherjee Road at Thakur pukur, 30 such assembled pieces and 100 other partially manufactured oximetecivere seized by our team,” said DC (EB) Kankar prasad Barui.
The police said that the gang had even fixed up agents who received a good commission once they managed to sell these items at shops. “The danger with fake oximeters is that the readings vary greatly. The device we checked gave different readings depending on whether the patient was sitting or lying down. Doctors whom we consulted said the readings fluctuate a lot in the first week of treatment and can lead to panic among the patients,” said an officer.
Manufacturers of oximeters and other medical devices must comply with Drugs & Cosmetic Act,1940 & Rules,1945 and the Medical Devices Rules, 2019. However, the rules are yet to be implemented fully in India.