Harman takes police help to bust fake JBL speakers racket. - Veritech
Harman takes police help to bust fake JBL speakers racket.

Harman takes police help to bust fake JBL speakers racket.

September 29, 2021

It is easy to find fake copies of products from big brands across the country. At first glance, it’s hard to differentiate between original and counterfeit products as they look familiar with similar logos, design and colours.

These knock-off products are sold at reduced prices to lure customers and the blame of diminished quality goes directly on the original brand.

Harman recently decided to take legal action against manufacturers and distributors involved in producing and selling counterfeit JBL products in India. During a recent raid, the company’s investigation team along with the law enforcement officers, seized stocks of spurious JBL consumer products from two mobile and accessories wholesalers in the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Similar raids were conducted in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, where the team confiscated counterfeit JBL speakers and other brand accessories from manufacturing units.

The company has also shared a few easy ways by which you can identify a counterfeit JBL product.

– Check if the cosmetic details are consistent with authentic JBL products.

– Inspect the packaging and logo placement along with the colour. Typically, the counterfeit product’s packaging is made of flimsy material, missing key details such as certifications, place of manufacture, address, and trademark or copyright information. Logo placement is slightly off and the colour does not match the genuine logo.

– The package or product may be lightweight, smell of chemicals, or have chipped paint.

– Research about the reputation of the seller and read comments posted by customers.

“We advise our consumers to stay vigilant and purchase JBL products from authorised e-commerce and retail sellers only,” said Prathab Deivanayagharn, country manager, Harman India.