Nagpur: Adulterated edible oil racket busted, 3 booked

June 19, 2021

Authorities also seized the stock of some other medicines on Monday night and sent their samples for testing

The cops led by senior PI Jayesh Bhandarkar also seized a huge quantity of adulterated oil being marketed by labelling it as a product by reputed brands.
During the raid, police found around 2815-litre tins of impure edible oil, fake stickers and other material.
The police have booked three — Prem Gagwani (58, a resident of Badkas Chowk, Mahal), Shankar Durugkar (47, a resident of Hiwri Nagar) and Ashok Keswani (a resident of Ambedkar Chowk, Central Avenue) under sections 51, 52 A, 63, 68A of Copyright Act.
Police said one Sanjay Tiwari, a resident of Rathod Layout, who is representative of a reputed edible oil company, received complaints regarding rampant sale of adulterated oil under his company’s brand name. A 15-litre oil can was being sold
for 852,600.
Police said the fake unit used labels and logos of genuine products to deceive consumers. “The accused used to offer hefty commission to the shops to sell the adulterated products,” police said