Delhi: Counterfeit goods found in factory at Rohini; police arrest owner

August 12, 2021

The owner told the police he manufactured products for 7-Eleven in India but incurred huge losses due to which he switched to making counterfeit products and sold them at local shops.

The Delhi Police busted a manufacturing unit in Delhi’s Rohini and seized 1,351 kg of counterfeit Surf Excel and Tide detergents. The accused was also selling inferior quality soaps, shampoos and face creams. The police said they found “duplicate” packets of Dove soaps, Head N Shoulder shampoos and branded creams at the unit.

On Sunday, the police said they received complaints from several FCMG companies about the counterfeit products. They were being sold at shops in Rohini and outer Delhi.

Pranav Tayal, DCP (Rohini), said a raid was conducted and the police found hundreds of packets and bottles of fake products.

“There were face creams, shampoos, detergents, bathroom cleaners and soaps. All the products were sold with brand names written on them. However, these were cheap quality chemicals and products,” said the police.

The police recovered more than 1,351 kg of detergent, 8,401 shampoo sachets, 600 litres of bathroom and floor cleaners, and five dozen soaps and face creams. The accused had loose chemicals and powders with over 5,000 unused packets of detergent and soaps.