Drivers Carrying £500k Counterfeit Haul Stopped By Police Close To Birmingham Airport

June 14, 2021

Police discovered a shipment of counterfeits worth £ 500,000 as they stopped vehicles near Birmingham Airport.

Dozens of sealed boxes were stacked in the back of a truck as officers scolded counterfeit goods destined for Saturday morning markets.
Traffic officers stopped the vehicles on Terminal Road, near airport parking lot 7, during an operation at 3 a.m. on Saturday, June 5.
Inside, they discovered counterfeit goods worth a total of £ 500,000
The items were recovered and seized when a man was arrested, police said.
The West Midlands Police Traffic Unit shared the news on Twitter with footage of the stop.
They wrote: “A few nights ago, A Unit supported Birmingham East NTF and Birmingham Trading Standards to help stop vehicles carrying £ 500,000 worth of counterfeit goods destined for Saturday morning markets.
“A great partnership which resulted in the arrest of a man and the recovery of property.”
Birmingham East NTF shared more footage of a huge truck carrying dozens of boxes full of fake goods
The team added: “Agents from NTF1 as well as Traffic WMP and Birmingham Trading Standards were wide awake this morning at 3 am carrying out an operation.
“We have stopped several vehicles carrying counterfeit goods with a retail value of £ 500,000. These were seized and one person was arrested.