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Origination is the very first step that takes place in the creation of a Hologram. Veritech’s world class Kinemax system is a leap ahead of the conventional dot matrix origination techniques which have been in use since a long time. This revolutionary system uses polygonal patterns instead of dots to create the master hologram. This results in brighter, crisper holograms since the image pixels are perfectly aligned to one other without any gaps in between.

Kinemax Origination System

Kinemax Origination System

Origination Techniques

2D / 3D

This is the oldest type of origination technique for hologram production and is analog in nature. Using this method, a multi-layer hologram is created in which two or more images are stacked in such a way that each is alternately visible depending upon the angle of perspective of the viewer.

This method of origination relies solely on the originator’s skill levels to create the perfect image. Some security features can be incorporated in a 2D3D Hologram but due to it’s limitations, its use has greatly diminished over the last few years.


Veritech boasts of the world’s most advanced 120,000 dpi Kinemax hologram origination system, which has the capability to ‘invent’ new security features. Its opto-electronic unit is based on a high resolution spatial light modulator, thus can create highly complex designs in a single exposure. This system offers a much greater design flexibility, giving the freedom to create new security features easily. It also offers continuous OVD scalability, i.e. masters can be made in different sizes from a single design. Download the brochure to see the complete range of holographic security features that are possible with the Kinemax system.

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Electron-Beam Lithography

These types of hologram are created using highly sophisticated and very expensive electron-beam lithography systems. This technique requires development of various algorithms for designing optical elements that shapes scattered radiation patterns.