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Packaging Solutions

Packaging is the face of a product, the first thing a buyer sees, and hence is an important medium to create interest in the product and a recall value for the brand. The world over, Holography has been employed and integrated into the packaging to enhance the attractiveness & shelf appeal of products. Security features are also integrated in many packaging applications to safeguard against counterfeiting and product tampering.

​Employing the latest technologies, Veritech has developed a variety of products for packaging.. Our in-house design team is equipped to create the most vibrant designs that are aesthetically at par with your brand to catch your customers’ attention immediately.

Packaging Solutions

We also have the infrastructure and technical expertise to integrate various security features with your packaging, such as holographic or security printing elements.

Packaging is one of Veritech’s core strength areas. We understand the specific packaging needs of different industries and provide highly adaptable, custom solutions for each.

Holography is increasingly being integrated into packaging products to enhance their shelf appeal and security against label counterfeiting. Veritech offers world-class packaging solutions for diverse industry sectors such as FMCG, F&B, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and many more. In addition to an in-house design team, we also have the infrastructure & technical expertise to integrate various security features with packaging, such as holographic or security printing elements.

Veritech Range of Packaging Solutions

Product Labels
• Fresnel Lens Labels
• Stick-on Labels
• Clear-on-Clear Labels
• Wrap Around Labels
• Peel & Reveal Labels

Shrink Sleeves

• Pre-Form / Cut-Form
• Spool Form
• Wrap Around
• Full Sleeve / Half Sleeve
• Cap Sleeve