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Mono Carton

A mono-carton box is a type of packaging made of corrugated cardboard with a single layer. It is a simple, cost-effective option for packaging and shipping products. A mono-carton box can be customized to fit the dimensions and weight of the product it will hold, and it can be printed with branding or other information. Items such as books, small appliances, and other non-fragile items that don’t require additional padding are often packaged in them.

Mono cartons are used to package products compactly. In addition to being highly customizable, they facilitate a wide range of applications across many different industries.

Mono Carton

Mono cartons are used in many industries for various products. Mono cartons are not only designed to keep products safe, but they are also effective branding tools. Mono cartons are widely used to package pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and non-food items.

A mono carton can be used for various applications in the food and beverage industry. Many manufacturers prefer single cartons for high-volume, fast-moving products because they incorporate their brands’ essence and are a cost-effective packaging solution.

There are specific requirements for cartons in each industry. Due to the nature of the goods, some packaging needs to be bright and colorful; others need security features and aesthetic appeal.

With Veritech’s mono cartons, the brand’s identity is enhanced, and customers will likely remember it. Veritech provides the most reliable, durable, ultra-secure, and affordable folding cartons for various applications.

In many industries, they are also used to package brand promotion products.

Packaging design’s primary objective is to attract the attention of your customers. It is imperative to inform customers about a brand’s values through packaging designs and to provoke and communicate emotional responses within them.

Effective packaging must look attractive, impress with creativity, and make any product stand out. Mono cartons printed by Veritech contribute greatly to your brand’s identity and top-of-mind recall. Veritech offers highly appealing, durable, ultra-secure folding cartons for a wide range of industry applications.


What veritech offers in mono cartons

Veritech mono cartons have many technological advance security features, such as:

  • Thermochromic color change ink (Heat sensitive ink)
  • Invisible UV printing
  • Sound Authentication
  • Encrypted pattern
  • Raster effects
  • Micro text and many more

These mono cartons can also be integrated with holograms with their separate security features.

Why choose veritech

Veritech offers a diverse range of mono cartons of coated and uncoated media manufactured with some of the world’s best machinery and advanced technological security features. Veritech sources high-quality materials from around the world to maintain the highest levels of quality in terms of printing, finishing, and product durability, which gives us a competitive advantage.

Veritech sources the best materials from all over the world to maintain the highest levels of quality in terms of its products’ printing, finishing, and durability. A wide range of coated and uncoated media combined with some of the best machinery in the world gives us a winning edge over our competition. This has also helped us cater to different industry sectors with different packaging needs, such as Food & Beverage, Electronics &  Electricals, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Consumer Goods, Automotive, and many more.