Sealing Tapes

The problem of product tampering and pilferage within the supply chain is faced by almost every manufacturer. Most of the times this happens due to the absence of an effective anti-pilferage or anti-tampering tool on the packaging, be it primary, secondary or tertiary. 

Veritech offers security sealing tapes for all packaging needs. We also have customized holographic tapes, which are impossible to duplicate and gradually become an immediate identifier for the brand’s genuine packaging.

Sealing Tapes

Non-Tamper Evident Tapes

Pilferage can easily tape place while products move through the supply chain. The absence of an effective Anti-Pilferage tool on the primary packaging allows this to happen. Veritech’s Holographic Tapes can be used to ensure at a glance if the packed product has been tampered with. Since these security tapes are customized, they are not available anywhere else in the market. This simple but effective security measure can discourage pilferage at all levels of the supply chain.

Tamper Evident Tapes

This is a high security option wherein when the tape is peeled off, the holographic image adheres to the packaging substrate, rendering it non-reusable. These provide a high level of security against pilferage from primary packaging in the supply chain by detecting any tampering. This feature provides a much higher level of security against pilferage.

Demetalized Tapes

De-metallization refers to the process of removing the metal part of the hologram at specific areas so as to form security patterns, design elements or text. It is one of the highest level of hologram security technologies.

The customized patterns are impossible to replicate and provide complete pilferage detection even against experienced pilferers and at all levels of the supply chain.