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Security Printing

Veritech is at the forefront of combating the ever-rising challenges of the digital age. The threat to established brand names has increased exponentially with the advent of more and more advanced equipment for counterfeiting. Through relentless research & development, we have engineered highly versatile and customized printing solutions that provide world class quality and security for our customers.

Our major focus in the development of security printing techniques is the prevention of forgery, tampering and counterfeiting. These techniques or features can be broadly classified into three categories, viz. Overt, Covert and Forensic.

Veritech’s high security labels employ advanced printing techniques and are completely customizable. They can be used for any application such as MRP Labels, Warranty Labels, Product Labels, etc. 

Veritech’s Premium High Security Label showing security printing features

Overt Features

The word overt means open and observable; not secret or hidden; which can be seen through naked eyes. These features consist of a variety of complex and attractive designs for higher protection. Overt features comprise the first level of defense against counterfeiting and an end-user can easily spot a counterfeit product through the use of overt features. Overt security printing includes features such as Guilloche patterns, Rasterization, Engraving / Embossing effects, Cast & Cure etc.

Covert Features

Covert features offer a higher line of defense against counterfeiting by adding an invisible layer of security. The embedded security features can only be made visible using specific tools i.e magnifying glass, decoders films, etc. These are hand-held, inexpensive devices which field-level personnel can carry for on-the-spot verification. Some of the covert features include Encrypted Pattern, Invisible UV, Thermochromic Printing etc.


Forensic Features

Forensic features offer the highest level of protection possible and require specialized laboratory equipment such as high powered microscopes to be readable and are therefore virtually undetectable. These features can be used for authentication by the senior management or quality control staff. Forensic features include Nano Text & Nano Images.

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