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Security Solutions

Counterfeit products have an adverse impact not only on revenue, but can also severely tarnish brand image which takes years and sometimes decades to establish. They also endanger the safety and well-being of the end consumers. The Government also faces huge losses in their net revenue due to Illicit trade in goods.

Veritech is committed to fighting this menace globally with its world-class security solutions. Armed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and extensive technical know-how, Veritech is always on the path of continuous innovation, and has engineered robust, multi-layered solutions that are protecting brands against counterfeiting and product tampering.

Security Solutions

Our security solutions are broadly classified into the following verticals.

The rise of counterfeit goods and other fake products sold on the internet has been rapid, and it has largely been ignored by many brands and consumers. But if not controlled soon, things are sure to get way out of hand.

Shriram Veritech Solutions is a part of the Shriram Group of Companies, one of the largest industrial houses in India. Over the years, through intensive R&D, Shriram Veritech has built a formidable range of security solutions in the form of Holograms, Labels, Stamping Foils & many more products. These have helped scores of companies to increase their bottom lines.

From conceptualization to execution, Shriram Veritech has partnered with hundreds of customers to execute their brand protection and enhancement strategies. Today, Veritech stands poised as one of the leading providers of brand protection & anti-counterfeiting solutions in the country with over 1200 satisfied customers in India and abroad.

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