A hologram is a visual medium that displays three-dimensional (3D) images which can be easily recognized by the naked eye. They are highly resistant to counterfeiting and are effective in combating fraud due to their high-quality and high-definition optical image.

Being a three-dimensional impression and virtually impossible to replicate, a security hologram is an inimitable symbol of genuineness. It has extraordinary visual appeal when viewed under any natural or artificial light as it displays the different colors of the spectrum, i.e., colors seen in a rainbow.


In Today’s world, every manufacturer and organization would obviously like to protect their brand or document against spoiling its spurious duplicates, imitations, or look-alikes, thus eating into its profit and brand name. This is where the security hologram comes in, providing extra protection for a brand or document.

Shriram Veritech offers an extensive range of security features. And each feature designed is either overt, covert, or forensic in nature.

Applications of Hologram 

Hologram manufacturers find applications in various fields, offering unique ways to enhance our experiences and advance different industries. Here are five applications of Hologram manufacturers:

Displays: Hologram creates captivating 3D displays for entertainment, advertising, and product demonstrations. These hologram displays provide immersive visual experiences that grab attention and leave a lasting impact.

Biomedical: In biomedical research, holograms play a role in holographic microscopy, enabling scientists to study biological samples in three dimensions. It aids in understanding cellular structures, tissue development, and disease progression with greater accuracy and detail.

Data Storage: Hologram offers high-capacity data storage solutions. Encoding information as interference patterns in holograms allows storing large amounts of data in a small space. Hologram data storage has the potential to revolutionize information storage systems.

Security Features: Hologram creates secure identification features, such as holograms on banknotes, passports, and ID cards. These hologram security features are difficult to counterfeit, enhancing security and preventing forgery.

Art and Entertainment: Hologram has opened up new possibilities in art and entertainment. It allows artists and creators to produce immersive hologram installations, performances, and exhibitions, providing audiences with unique and mesmerizing visual experiences.

Types of Hologram

Different types of holograms offer unique approaches to creating and displaying 3D images.

Reflection hologram involves capturing the interference pattern on a photosensitive material by reflecting light off the object.

Transmission hologram records the interference pattern by passing light through the object onto the recording medium.

Rainbow hologram uses a series of vertical slits to diffract light, creating a rainbow-like effect in the hologram.

Multiplex hologram combines multiple holograms in a single recording, displaying different images from different angles.

Each type of hologram has its characteristics and applications, providing diverse ways to experience and interact with hologram visuals.

Benefits or advantages of 3D Hologram

Following are the benefits or advantages of 3D Hologram:

  • This is a very cost-effective solution for making and hiring.
  • The storage capacity of this method is higher than that of other methods.
  • The technology enhances the feasibility of objects, including their depth.
  • Due to their complexity, they provide security in a wide range of applications.
  • The software allows the creation of multiple images on a single plate, including 3D images.
  • In addition to holographic technologies, other technologies can also be combined with them.
  • You can view it from any angle without having to wear special glasses.
  • There is no need for a projection screen.

List of necessary documents & Products where a Hologram is used:

Holograms have many different uses and are most commonly used for security reasons. They can be used on :

  • Pharma Products Packaging, Automobile Spare Parts, FMCG Products.
  • Identity Cards, Passports, and Visas.
  • Drivers Licenses, Import and Export Licenses.
  • Currency Notes, Traveler’s Cheques, Gift Cheques, and Credit Cards.
  • Bonds and Share Certificates.
  • Bank Guarantees, Surety Bonds, Indemnity Bonds, Letters of Credit, Banker’s Cheques, Demand Drafts, Bank Certificates, Consignor’s and Consignee’s Copies of Consignment Notes.
  • Tax Stamps, Sales Tax Declaration Forms, Excise Labels, Ration Cards.
  • Mark Sheets, Degree and Diploma Certificates, Books, and Publications.
  • Analysis and test reports, Inspection Reports, Inspection Seals affixed on products passed after inspection & many more. 

Veritech’s Best Hologram Manufacturer

The hologram solutions offered by Shriram Veritech can effectively safeguard your assets and cater to your unique security needs.

We specialize in creating attention-grabbing holograms with color-changing and dynamic features. Our holograms are designed to be challenging to duplicate and can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Holograms not only offer additional security, but they also provide an attention-grabbing element that can instantly increase the perceived value of a product. They can be utilized to put the final touch on the packaging, improve a company’s image, and boost shelf appeal by adding another feature.

Depending on the specific requirements, we can produce holograms on either sheets or reels. Opting to have your hologram printed on a revolution would be advantageous if necessary. Additionally, as requested by our clients, we can create holograms with features such as random bars, alphanumeric sequential numbering, and QR codes.

We focus on providing excellent customer service, striving to stand out from other hologram manufacturers. Our team of professional hologram creators has developed a new security feature for our holograms, which includes invisible codes that can be incorporated into the stickers. This feature is available to clients who require multi-colored hologram fonts. We are proud to offer this added layer of security to our holograms, ensuring our customers’ peace of mind.



Specialized Holograms


VeriOVD is the newly launched, ultra-secure Nano-Optics OVDs from Veritech. It is manufactured using one of the world’s most advanced OVD origination systems procured from 4PICO, Netherlands, which is one of the first of its kind in India. Nano-Optics technology enables the production of amazingly detailed OVDs, with stunning visual effects such as mirror effects, true 3D images and high depth perception. It delivers both advanced security features and distinctive optical features. The security features of VeriOVD are almost impossible to be copied by the counterfeiters

Barcode Holograms

A unique high-security hologram for brand protection, these are specially innovated for Track and Trace. The unique Hologram is capable of carrying encoded barcode which can be easily traced and tracked through a scanner.

These holograms are particularly useful in navigation and ensuring product safety through the supply chain.

Demetallized Holograms

Demetallization refers to the removal of metallization from some part/s of the hologram. Demetallization includes the process of removing the metallized coating in the whole area or specific area/s to form security patterns or design enhancements. Demetallization acts as one of the highest security level hologram technologies, as the combination of holographic part, and the non-holographic piece makes it different and unique.

Registered Holograms with Registered Printing

Veritech has developed an advanced process of integrated printing in register on a Hologram to enhance its security as well as visual appeal. The process utilizes sophisticated control and composite holographic techniques combined with design expertise  to create this unique product.

Technical expertise and innovation by Veritech have helped to develop this as the most secure feature for brands. Veritech is proud to offer this innovative solution to brand owners for whom both security and eye-catching brand enhancements are a top priority.

Veritech is pleased to announce an exciting new development in the world of Holograms

– Registered Printing Hologram Labels!

Possessing more than 2 decades of technical experience and cutting-edge technology, Veritech has developed an advanced process of integrated printing in register on a Hologram so as to selectively enhance the security and visual appeal of the Hologram.

The process utilizes sophisticated digital control and composite holographic techniques combined with complex in-house designed designs to create this unique product.

This amalgamation of expertise in holographic techniques and high-security printing capability has resulted in a product that provides a much higher level of security as compared to normal Holograms or printed Labels.

Veritech is proud to offer this innovative solution to brand owners wherever both security and eye-catching brand enhancements are the top priority.

As always, Veritech continues its tradition of innovation in brand security and once again proves itself as an ideal partner for all your brand protection requirements.

Scratch Holograms

Scratch Holograms hide covert information which the end-user can see only after scratching off the holographic image. These types of holograms are used for applications such as recharge vouchers & cards and also for redemption purposes as part of gift schemes. The hologram provides a high degree of security which enables the end-user to authenticate the product to his satisfaction.

Holographic Overlay

These are transparent self-adhesive overlays with Holographic features. This product is used on documents to protect the written / printing content underneath. Since the overlay is tamper evident in nature, any attempt to tamper with the content by removing the overlay will be instantly recognizable.

True 3D Holograms

A true 3D Hologram is created with the use of a high-end holographic mastering system along with 3D software. The logo or image will show 3D contours instead of flat lines and thus, a real 3D effect can be seen. It is visually attractive to look at and can be used by the end user to instantly confirm the authenticity of a document or product.

  • Available in both spool as well as sheet form.
  • The size of the hologram is customizable.
  • Can be combined with several tamper-evident features.
  • Manufactured on 24 / 36 micron metallized polyester with water-based or hot melt adhesive and silicon-coated release paper.
  • Base foil is available in multiple colours.

Generic Holograms

Stock holograms are used by companies who employ it as an instant holographic solution. Some also opt for it as they prefer incurring the one-time hologram development costs only after the market trials.

Veritech offers a range of stock holograms, which can be custom-printed with the company name, logo, serial number & other customized features. These holograms are useful as these incorporate some of the visual and security elements of custom-made holograms.

Promotional Holograms

Apart from being intrinsically attractive, Holograms can incorporate multiple visual elements and graphic designs for highly valid product promotion. A cricketer can be shown executing a shot, for instance, or a cartoon character can be animated, using a 3D hologram. Veritech offers the widest variety of high-quality promotional holograms which can be made according to the clients’ needs.