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Product Labels

Product labels are tags that give consumers essential details such as ingredients, usage instructions, safety warnings, and branding elements. They serve as a direct information channel between brands and consumers, conveying necessary details and building brand identity.

Product labels influence purchase decisions, help businesses avoid legal liabilities, and differentiate products from competitors. By leveraging effective label design, brands can effectively communicate product features, benefits, and value to impact consumers substantially.

Product Labels

Accurate and informative labeling is of utmost importance for maintaining consumer trust. Studies show that consumers generally trust product labels and rely on them for making purchasing decisions. 

However, a single erroneous or false claim can ruin that trust, tarnishing a brand’s reputation and exposing them to potential legal issues from false advertising or misinformation.

Consumers feel more confident about their choices when a label provides comprehensive, reliable, and easily digestible information. An accurate label fosters trust, loyalty, and recognition of the brand.

The function of Product Labels

(i) Describe the product and specify its contents:

It describes the product’s contents and other features. In this way, manufacturers can clearly explain how their customers should use their products. This helps describe the product, its usage, cautions in use, contents, manufacturing and expiration dates, price, and quantity.

(ii) Identification of the product or brand:

This gives the product or brand a definite identity, making identifying it easier.

(iii) Grading of products:

Using it, the manufacturer can classify the product according to its characteristics.

Types of Product Labels 

  1. Product Labels by Manufacturing Process
  2. Product Labels by Purpose

Types of Product Labels by Manufacturing Process

  1. Pressure-sensitive

A pressure-sensitive label is an adhesive label that’s typically composed of three layers:

  • A face stock

The outer layer of the label, known as the face stock, showcases the design elements and information. Sometimes, a transparent layer is added to protect against the elements.

  • Adhesive

The adhesive layer comes built into the manufacturing process of this label type. It can stick to most surfaces, making it very versatile.

  • Liner or carrier

The layer that keeps the adhesive sticky until the label is ready for use.

  1. Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves are plastic films with label designs and information that shrink to conform to the shape of containers when heat is applied. They are ideal for irregularly shaped packages without convenient surfaces for pressure-sensitive labels.

  1. Cut-and-stack

Cut-and-stack labels are cost-effective paper labels produced in large sheets for efficient mass production. Manufacturers cut these sheets into individual labels, then stacked and applied to product containers. This labeling solution offers versatility in design options while remaining economical.

  1. In-mold labels

In-mold labels are applied during the shaping process of packaging. Manufacturers print a thin plastic film with the desired design and place it inside a mold. As the plastic packaging material takes shape, the film fuses into it, creating a seamless and highly durable label.

Types of Product Labels by Purpose

  1. Brand labels

This type of product label focuses on showcasing and reinforcing the identity and values of a brand or product line. They typically rely on already established brand elements—such as the company name, logo, colors, or aesthetics, to evoke a sense of trust and loyalty.

  1. Descriptive labels

Descriptive labels informatively describe a product, giving only factual, unbiased information about a product. They can include ingredients, common allergens, nutritional content, warnings, and instructions.

  1. Grade labels

Grade labels designate the quality or standard of a product based on predetermined criteria. Independent expert groups assign these to provide consumers with a clear indication of the product’s quality level.

  1. Promotional labels

Promotional labels serve two primary purposes: creating a sense of urgency and delivering compelling marketing messages.

Importance of labeling a product

Provides Identification

The purpose of a label is to identify an otherwise nameless item. Especially if the product is displayed next to similar items, this will help a customer distinguish it.

Gives a Description

A label also contains descriptive information, such as the product’s size, ingredients, and instructions for use.

Makes Product Comparison Easier

The product label contains all the necessary information to differentiate it from other products. You help your customers decide between your product and the competition by differentiating it from the competition.

Helps in Marketing

A label effectively catches a customer’s attention, which is the whole point of marketing. Potential customers may be persuaded to purchase products if labels are combined with packaging design features.

Protects Customers from Getting Cheated

Customers are prevented from selecting the wrong product by labels. For them to be confident they receive exactly what they are looking for instead of having to guess, it must have all the relevant information.

Provides Information as per Law

Product labels are required by law in some circumstances. As consumer products are required to list their contents or components for the safety of their customers, you notice this frequently in food or pharmaceutical products. These often include usage instructions as well.

Why Veritech’s Perfect Option for Product Labels

Veritech’s choice of the best materials and manufacturing practices enables it to give the optimum quality at par with the best in the world. It’s been trusted by some of the best brands in the world for many years, proving that Veritech has what it takes to protect your brand!

Shriram Veritech provides custom product labels that protect brand & product identifications. Our applications include Wine labels, Apparel Tags, FMCG Labels & others.

It has gained a widespread reputation for reliability and has consistently won the trust of its customers with its high service standards and speedy deliveries. Its production and quality systems are among the best in the world, which helps Veritech to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Veritech values its people more than anything else, and its efforts help Veritech to scale greater heights. Always ready to accept a challenge – that is Veritech’s mantra!

Types of Labels

Product Labels
Fresnel lens Labels

Brand owners and product marketers all want the same thing from their product packaging – to instantly catch the eye of the consumer. Consumer attention is critical to driving product sales. But all too often, products get lost in a busy supermarket aisle among a sea of similar looking labels and packaging. Recognizing this challenge, Veritech offers an exciting new development in product labels!

Fresnel Lens Labels are a highly attractive solution for labeling and packaging purposes that ensures your product stands out prominently even in a crowded store shelf. It combines a Fresnel Lens that reflects from many angles with vibrant printing in register to produce an effect that is both aesthetically striking and instantly recognizable. This will help in creating a much higher level of brand recall.

Product Labels
Stick-on Labels

Whether your product is displayed on store shelves or is chilling in refrigerators, it needs good in different environments to attract customers. At Veritech, we create vibrant graphics customized specially for your requirements and then manufacture world class labels using durable label stock and high quality adhesives. We also specialize in brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling and texture varnish to help your product stand out amongst the crowd.


  • Variety of finishes including clear, gloss, matte and colored
  • Unmatched colour richness and crispness in text
  • Enhancement through holographic cold foiling and texture varnish
  • Multitude of custom shapes, colours and finishes
  • Special clear adhesives that are also moisture resistant

Product Labels
Clear on Clear Labels

Clear on Clear labels are used for applications where product packaging is done in a transparent material such as glass, and the customer needs to have a label which gives the necessary product and brand information without hampering the visibility of the product itself. These labels impart a very premium look to the brand by greatly enhancing the product’s shelf appeal.​


  • Crystal clarity through high transparency films
  • Vibrant and crisp graphics and text print
  • Enhancement through cold foiling and texture varnish
  • Multitude of shapes, colours and finishes

Product Labels
Wrap Around Label​s

As the name suggests, these labels wrap completely around the product packaging. These types of labels are extensively used in the food & beverage industry for the labeling  of containers such as bottles, jars or cans.


  • Unmatched colour richness and crispness in text
  • Enhancement through holographic cold foiling and texture varnish.
  • Multitude of custom shapes, colours and finishes

Whether your product will sit on store shelves or chill in refrigerators, your custom juice, drink or beverage labels need to look good in different environments to attract customers. At Veritech, we possess 25 years of expertise and world-class infrastructure to manufacture labels that not only last in tough conditions but also retain their eye-catching aesthetics.
Vibrant colour coding for the flavours along with durable label stock and adhesives are essential for any supported label. We also specialize in brand-enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling and texture varnish to help your product stand out amongst the crowd
Suited for various materials, Veritech supported labels are best applied on packaging for juices, beverage and drinks such as:

  • Bottles
  • Jugs
  • Jars
  • Containers

Product Labels
Peel & Reveal Labels

Often brands need to print a large amount of information, instructions, regulatory data, or multi-lingual instructions on to a label where space is limited. Understanding this requirement, Veritech has developed a multi-layer peel & reveal label as an effective solution to this problem.

These labels are not only cost effective by eliminating the necessity for secondary labeling but also a clever and attractive way to catch the consumer’s eye especially with brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling.

Often manufacturers need to print a large amount of information, such as regulatory information or multi-lingual instructions on a label where space is limited. Veritech’s Peel & Reveal Labels are the perfect solution.

A large amount of information crammed into a limited space not only compromises on the aesthetics but also means that the font size is smaller than ideal, making it illegible. Peel and reveal labels are not only prove to be cost effective by eliminating the necessity for secondary labeling but also an intelligent and attractive way to catch the consumer’s eye, especially with brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling.

Suited For a wide variety of applications
These labels can be used for a wide range of packaging applications, especially in FMCG, Medicine & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics and Agro-chemicals.

Special Features

  • Can be resealed after peeling from one side
  • Printable on wide variety of materials
  • 2-ply label equates to 3 times the printing space
  • Holographic cold foiling can be added
  • Possible to manufacture in customised shapes, colours and sizes