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Product Labels

A product labels is a tag, wrapper, seal, or imprinted phrase containing vital information about a product, such as what is inside and how to utilize it.

Labels are one of the most widely used tools for establishing brand identification and customer interaction. Today, these have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and protectors, besides providing comprehensive information about the product and the brand itself.

​Veritech caters to the entire range of product labels applications such as Wine Labels, Apparel Tags, FMCG Labels, and many more. All labels are customizable in terms of design, substrate, adhesive type, or application technique per clients’ different requirements.

Product Labels

What Is Labelling?

To aid in product labels recognition and provide vital details about the product and industry, labeling is the process of affixing a label to the product. It is a subset of packaging that concentrates on informing the consumer about the brand, the product, and business-related information through the product. This information is provided with the item as part of the item’s packaging or as part of the product itself. Labels are a component of the packaging for some goods, such as chips, soda, etc., where the information is printed directly on the container. There are labels engraved directly on some specialty items, like shoes. Some people even observe extra label tags that aren’t a part of the product or container stuck to the merchandise.

Various types of labels 

Customers receive different messages from various labels. Labels can generally be divided into three basic categories. Which are:

Brand Labels: This label contains details about the brand and the parent brand of the goods. The brand name, trademark, logo, brand message, etc. are all communicated.

Descriptive Label: This label provides details about the product, such as its ingredients, instructions for use, how to care for it, how well it works, etc.

Grade Label: According to industry standards and legal regulations, the grade label describes the product’s quality. A business might grade its goods as A, B, C, D, or good, wonderful, finest, etc. For instance, there are various types of leather, including full-grain, genuine, bonded, etc.

The significance of labeling

1. What’s in the product – We can learn about the components and contents of the goods we use or consume by reading the labels. Checking out this part of the box is important for food goods, especially for customers with health difficulties. For instance, the food label will make it simpler for you to determine the product’s sodium content if you wish to reduce your salt intake. Or All you need to do if you have any food allergies is glance at the ingredients to check whether the food that triggers them is present. The information in this area of the product label preserves our health.

2. Product guidelines – The instructions on the labels help us use the product correctly. Everything about how often it should be used—daily, weekly, before or after sleep, with or without water—is specified on the label. Additionally, the dosage or amount recommended for each age is provided in this section. By doing this, we can make the most of the items’ advantages and use them efficiently.

3. Product Alerts
– Some products can have negative effects when used or consumed by others. These product warnings are located on the label provided to us. If you are pregnant or think you might suffer from a condition like heart disease or high blood pressure, you may want to take additional care to read the product precautions.

4. Legal Information
– Various nations have established standards for the information that must always be included on labels for products from particular industries. These could contain accreditations, grades, allergy details, nutritional information, etc. Information about the company is also provided on the label as and means to get in touch with it.

5. Pricing – The price is an essential component of the product label. You can compare the costs of goods from various brands here. This will help you choose the best brand for you while enabling you to save money.

6. Marketing and advertising – A product label can sell the item itself. Brightly colored labels may catch consumers’ attention and convince them to purchase the product. If your product label has a distinctive label, consumers may need to recognize it among the others on the shelf. With today’s technology and improvements in label manufacture, labels are increasingly utilized for cross-brand marketing, sweepstakes, recipe information, gaming, and couponing. Keeping these points in mind, it’s critical to remember that product labels can be an effective sales tool.

Why Your Brand Strategy Must Include Product Labels?

Your product labels have the ability to advance your brand strategy by showcasing your brand. Your product labels are the ideal spot to use your branding because developing a brand is largely a visual process. The label describes the product’s contents, which is essential information your buyers want and promotes brand awareness and loyalty.

Labels Make Your Product Pop – How many rival companies are in your market? Does your product stand out when placed on a shelf with those of your rivals’ companies? Or does it simply disappear into the backdrop as patrons walk by?

Designing a polished, professional label with your brand displayed is a proven method to make your products stand out. No matter what industry you’re in, from wine, beer, and spirits to food and beverage to health and beauty, putting your brand on attractive product labels is essential to standing out from the crowd.

Important Information Can Be Found on Labels – How can you present data like nutrition, ingredients, instructions, cautions, or other important facts without a branded label? It’s essential to be as transparent as you can with your items to address customer questions immediately. Make sure customers can find what they’re looking for with ease.

For instance, CBD product labels should include your marketing copy and all the necessary FDA regulations, cautionary remarks, ingredients, and active CBD quantities. The best method for achieving this is utilizing wrap-around, two-sided labels.

Labels Build Trust – Customers seek products that they can comprehend. They want to be able to pick it up, understand it or what it does right away, and have faith that it will fix their issue. How can consumers complete those tasks without a professional label? Your labels should feature your easily recognized logo, engaging marketing copy, and any other details your customers might need to know.

Labels Help People Recognize a Brand – Every business desires to see its brand expand. A devoted consumer base aware of your identity and where to locate you can be developed over time with brand recognition. They search for your brand through your labels and may identify you by your logo and brand personality. They have come to respect you for your professionalism and the caliber of your offerings. These are indications that your branding strategy is effective. Nevertheless, keep in mind that product labels are one thing you need to improve brand recognition

Labels Display Brand Personality – Product labels give your company a platform to express its personality by allowing you to use a variety of kinds, textures, and colors. Don’t follow the crowd. Take advantage of emerging trends in product labels before your rivals, try out various label types, and distinguish your marketing voice. This distinctiveness visually distinguishes your brand from rivals, piques clients’ attention, and provides them with an additional justification for buying your product.

Product Labeling for Traceability of Products – Product traceability makes it possible to follow a product from the manufacturing process to the consumer. It is possible to follow a product from its conception through production, shipping, delivery, and raw material acquisition, allowing one to determine the sources of the original raw material. Using product label traceability helps to increase quality and identify the root of problems or other problems. Product identification labels are necessary for product traceability and typically include an identifying number or barcode. Identification labels can be used to identify batches or specific objects. Numerous labeling technologies are available to achieve this.

Various application labels can be simply created using an industrial label printer. A specialized supply is occasionally needed to meet the demands of a particular industry for product identification. There aren’t many product labels to tell if contamination is a serious problem. Small pieces of the label can still be easily found inside the goods. In various production procedures, a temporary label may be required. Labels that may be applied as needed and then quickly removed are helpful. All of these labels, though, can be readily copied or removed. Therefore, a particular label must be used when brand reputation is a concern or if the product is a high-value item that could be faked or stolen.

Watermark using UV – Custom product identification labels might include a watermark that can only be seen under UV light, making them difficult to copy.

Tamper-Evident Destructible Labels with “VOID” Labels
The product identification labels applied with these labeling supplies cannot be taken off or used again.

Labels for Variable Information – Product labels contain information about the product itself and extras such as batch ID codes, manufacture dates, use-by dates, manufacturing locations, or lot numbers. Barcodes, text, numbers, or both could represent this data. All label material types mentioned above are typically used for labeling that requires variable information. These labels may also be brand reputation labels, traceability labels, or both

Goods that Last Labeling – These product identification labels, sometimes known as “nameplates,” on durable goods must be robust and able to tolerate occasionally extreme conditions. Product identification labels are applied on durable items using all the abovementioned labeling options. Additionally, other solutions are regularly employed, such as metalized poly tapes, which are utilized occasionally for product identification labels due to their simplicity of manufacture and brushed metal appearance. When an extra-strong adhesive is required, an aggressive adhesive vinyl has an extraordinarily strong adhesive.

Types of Labels

Product Labels
Fresnel lens Labels

Brand owners and product marketers all want the same thing from their product packaging – to instantly catch the eye of the consumer. Consumer attention is critical to driving product sales. But all too often, products get lost in a busy supermarket aisle among a sea of similar looking labels and packaging. Recognizing this challenge, Veritech offers an exciting new development in product labels!

Fresnel Lens Labels are a highly attractive solution for labeling and packaging purposes that ensures your product stands out prominently even in a crowded store shelf. It combines a Fresnel Lens that reflects from many angles with vibrant printing in register to produce an effect that is both aesthetically striking and instantly recognizable. This will help in creating a much higher level of brand recall.

Product Labels
Stick-on Labels

Whether your product is displayed on store shelves or is chilling in refrigerators, it needs good in different environments to attract customers. At Veritech, we create vibrant graphics customized specially for your requirements and then manufacture world class labels using durable label stock and high quality adhesives. We also specialize in brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling and texture varnish to help your product stand out amongst the crowd.


  • Variety of finishes including clear, gloss, matte and colored
  • Unmatched colour richness and crispness in text
  • Enhancement through holographic cold foiling and texture varnish
  • Multitude of custom shapes, colours and finishes
  • Special clear adhesives that are also moisture resistant

Product Labels
Clear on Clear Labels

Clear on Clear labels are used for applications where product packaging is done in a transparent material such as glass, and the customer needs to have a label which gives the necessary product and brand information without hampering the visibility of the product itself. These labels impart a very premium look to the brand by greatly enhancing the product’s shelf appeal.​


  • Crystal clarity through high transparency films
  • Vibrant and crisp graphics and text print
  • Enhancement through cold foiling and texture varnish
  • Multitude of shapes, colours and finishes

Product Labels
Wrap Around Label​s

As the name suggests, these labels wrap completely around the product packaging. These types of labels are extensively used in the food & beverage industry for the labeling  of containers such as bottles, jars or cans.


  • Unmatched colour richness and crispness in text
  • Enhancement through holographic cold foiling and texture varnish.
  • Multitude of custom shapes, colours and finishes

Whether your product will sit on store shelves or chill in refrigerators, your custom juice, drink or beverage labels need to look good in different environments to attract customers. At Veritech, we possess 25 years of expertise and world-class infrastructure to manufacture labels that not only last in tough conditions but also retain their eye-catching aesthetics.
Vibrant colour coding for the flavours along with durable label stock and adhesives are essential for any supported label. We also specialize in brand-enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling and texture varnish to help your product stand out amongst the crowd
Suited for various materials, Veritech supported labels are best applied on packaging for juices, beverage and drinks such as:

  • Bottles
  • Jugs
  • Jars
  • Containers

Product Labels
Peel & Reveal Labels

Often brands need to print a large amount of information, instructions, regulatory data, or multi-lingual instructions on to a label where space is limited. Understanding this requirement, Veritech has developed a multi-layer peel & reveal label as an effective solution to this problem.

These labels are not only cost effective by eliminating the necessity for secondary labeling but also a clever and attractive way to catch the consumer’s eye especially with brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling.

Often manufacturers need to print a large amount of information, such as regulatory information or multi-lingual instructions on a label where space is limited. Veritech’s Peel & Reveal Labels are the perfect solution.

A large amount of information crammed into a limited space not only compromises on the aesthetics but also means that the font size is smaller than ideal, making it illegible. Peel and reveal labels are not only prove to be cost effective by eliminating the necessity for secondary labeling but also an intelligent and attractive way to catch the consumer’s eye, especially with brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling.

Suited For a wide variety of applications
These labels can be used for a wide range of packaging applications, especially in FMCG, Medicine & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics and Agro-chemicals.

Special Features

  • Can be resealed after peeling from one side
  • Printable on wide variety of materials
  • 2-ply label equates to 3 times the printing space
  • Holographic cold foiling can be added
  • Possible to manufacture in customised shapes, colours and sizes