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Product Labels

Labels are one of the most widely used tools for establishing brand identification and customer interaction. Today, these have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and brand protectors besides providing comprehensive information about the product as well as the brand itself.

​Veritech caters to the entire range of product label applications such as Wine Labels, Apparel Tags, FMCG Labels and many more. All labels are customizable in terms of design, substrate, adhesive type or application technique as per the different requirements of clients.

Types of Labels

Fresnel lens Labels

Brand owners and product marketers all want the same thing from their product packaging – to instantly catch the eye of the consumer. Consumer attention is critical to driving product sales. But all too often, products get lost in a busy supermarket aisle among a sea of similar looking labels and packaging. Recognizing this challenge, Veritech offers an exciting new development in product labels!

Fresnel Lens Labels are a highly attractive solution for labeling and packaging purposes that ensures your product stands out prominently even in a crowded store shelf. It combines a Fresnel Lens that reflects from many angles with vibrant printing in register to produce an effect that is both aesthetically striking and instantly recognizable. This will help in creating a much higher level of brand recall.

Stick-on Labels

Whether your product is displayed on store shelves or is chilling in refrigerators, it needs good in different environments to attract customers. At Veritech, we create vibrant graphics customized specially for your requirements and then manufacture world class labels using durable label stock and high quality adhesives. We also specialize in brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling and texture varnish to help your product stand out amongst the crowd.


  • Variety of finishes including clear, gloss, matte and colored
  • Unmatched colour richness and crispness in text
  • Enhancement through holographic cold foiling and texture varnish
  • Multitude of custom shapes, colours and finishes
  • Special clear adhesives that are also moisture resistant

Clear on Clear Labels

Clear on Clear labels are used for applications where product packaging is done in a transparent material such as glass, and the customer needs to have a label which gives the necessary product and brand information without hampering the visibility of the product itself. These labels impart a very premium look to the brand by greatly enhancing the product’s shelf appeal.​


  • Crystal clarity through high transparency films
  • Vibrant and crisp graphics and text print
  • Enhancement through cold foiling and texture varnish
  • Multitude of shapes, colours and finishes

Wrap Around Label​s

As the name suggests, these labels wrap completely around the product packaging. These types of labels are extensively used in the food & beverage industry for the labeling  of containers such as bottles, jars or cans.


  • Unmatched colour richness and crispness in text
  • Enhancement through holographic cold foiling and texture varnish.
  • Multitude of custom shapes, colours and finishes

Peel & Reveal Labels

Often brands need to print a large amount of information, instructions, regulatory data, or multi-lingual instructions on to a label where space is limited. Understanding this requirement, Veritech has developed a multi-layer peel & reveal label as an effective solution to this problem.

These labels are not only cost effective by eliminating the necessity for secondary labeling but also a clever and attractive way to catch the consumer’s eye especially with brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling.