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Secure Labels

Labels are one of the most widely used tools for establishing brand identification and customer interaction. Today, these have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and brand protectors besides providing comprehensive product information.

​​Veritech offers a wide range of labels like bar code labels, warranty labels, sealing labels, product labels, coupons etc. Veritech offers customized solutions to fulfill the different requirements of clients.

Types of Labels

Automotive Labels

Duplication and counterfeiting of automobile parts and accessories is a severe issue in the industry. Not only is it responsible for causing losses to the manufacturers but can also pose a hazard to automobile and passenger safety due to their sub-par quality.

Veritech’s high-security automotive labels are designed as per the needs of the automobile and auto parts sector. The labels are completely customizable as per the customers’ requirements and contain advanced security features to safeguard against counterfeiting and forgery. These features also aid in effective supply chain management allowing for authentication at various levels from manufacturer to end consumer.

Pharmaceutical Labels

Secure labels are a highly critical part of pharmaceutical packaging. Veritech offers high-security labels which are at par with global standards. Our labels not only provide safety and durability to the packaging, making them withstand the harshest transportation & storage conditions but also integrate numerous security features to protect medicines against counterfeiting and tampering.

Meter Seals

Electricity theft through tampering of meters is rampant all over the world.  This is major cause of loss of revenue to electricity distribution bodies.

Veritech offers high-security meter seals which can be imprinted with the utility’s logo and and a wide variety of anti-tampering and anti-counterfeiting features. Each security seal is serialized for unique identification, and the tamper evidence feature indicates if removal is attempted. This is a multi-layer security product ideal for protecting meter seals against tampering and counterfeiting.

Tax Stamps / Excise Labels

Excise Duty on liquor & tobacco sales is one of the largest source of revenue for most state governments. Many distilleries under-declare liquor sales to evade excise duty, causing losses worth hundreds of crores to the government. Until recently, there was no way to identify by looking at a bottle whether or not excise duty on it has been paid. Some state governments had introduced printed paper stamps some time back, but these were copied easily by counterfeiters, thus defeating the purpose.

Veritech has addressed this issue by developing a High-Security Holographic Excise Seal. It is virtually impossible to copy since it contains many overt, covert as well as forensic security features. Each of these seals has a unique serial number through which each bottle is trackable. One of the essential elements of this seal is that it is tamper-evident. Once the seal is affixed on a bottle, it cannot be removed & re-used. These seals can be customized in terms of design & specifications which may vary from state to state.

Scratch Label​s

Scratch labels are designed to hide covert information which the end user can see only after scratching off the top surface using metallic objects such as a coins or keys. These are widely used for various marketing & promotional activities targeted at end users such as recharge vouchers, gift cards warranty / reward schemes etc. These labels have a clear adhesive backing with a scratchable surface on top, which could be both holographic or non-holographic.

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are used on the packaging of products for imparting vital information regarding its brand owner, manufacturing details and tracking information such as barcodes and serial numbers. Various security elements can also be incorporated in bar code labels like holograms, security inks and many more. The labels can also be customized through pre-printing. Veritech offers a wide range of substrates on which bar code labels can be supplied with high level of customization according to the client’s needs.

Windshield Labels

India is one of the fastest growing automotive markets in the world.  The need of the hour is to have an effective ‘on-the-spot’ vehicle identification and tracking system which combines physical security with digital functionality. This is where Veritech’s Tamper Evident vehicle registration label comes in. The passive label is optimized to work on car windshield glass and suitable for a wide selection of automatic vehicle identification applications such as access control, parking permit, road toll collection or insurance information verification.

The design of the windshield label is based on several high-security holographic and graphic elements. The label will also have digital information & security embedded through QR codes and bar codes which can be scanned easily. The label is non-transferable and cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Double Layer Labels

Often brands need to print a large amount of information, instructions, regulatory data, or multi-lingual instructions on to a label where space is limited. Understanding this requirement, Veritech has developed a multi-layer peel & reveal label as an effective solution to this problem.

These labels are not only cost effective by eliminating the necessity for secondary labeling but also a clever and attractive way to catch the consumer’s eye especially with brand enhancing features such as holographic cold foiling.

Sealing Labels

Sealing labels play a critical role in packaging applications where tampering is a major concern. They are the simplest means to verify whether the packaging has been tampered with or not.

Veritech manufactures secure Sealing Labels which offer tamper protection and at the same time contain additional product information or branding. These are available in a wide variety of substrates and adhesive combinations depending on their usage and the customers’ requirement.

Warranty Labels

Veritech manufactures different types of printed warranty labels of different sizes and shapes, with special built-in authentication and security features. A wide variety of tamper proof materials are available such as destructible and tamper evident films.