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Shrink Sleeves

Veritech’s goal is to give your products the aesthetic impact they deserve, and at the same time providing protection to your valued brand. Shrink sleeves are an effective way of doing this!

Shrink sleeves provide more branding real estate with a 360 degree display of brilliant artwork and text that catches the consumer’s eye. Besides aesthetics, our shrink sleeves can also provide protection to your product or container towards tampering, abrasion, moisture, etc.  

Printed on resilient yet flexible PVC or PET film, Veritech can supply shrink sleeves in partial, full length or band form that can be shrunk as per requirements with application controlled temperatures.

An effective and popular packaging solution, shrink sleeves have applications in a wide variety of industries such as Food & Beverages, Dairy, Cosmetics, FMCG, Medicine & Healthcare and many more.

Shrink Sleeves are available in many forms:

  • Pre-form
  • Cut-form
  • Spool-form
  • Wrap-around
  • Full Sleeve
  • Half Sleeve
  • Cap Sleeve
Shrink Sleeves

Full Sleeve


Cap Sleeve


Half Sleeve


Shrink sleeves have the power to enhance product packaging to a whole new level. Their ability to be applied on any shape of container has led to their widespread use in many industries, especially F&B.

Veritech offers shrink sleeves that can be customized to meet unique brand promotion, tamper-evidence and packaging aesthetic requirements of brands.

We have one of the best infrastructures in the world to provide our customers with highly specialized packaging solutions.

We can integrate a wide variety of printing effects, textures or security and interaction features into our packaging.

Connect with us for ideas on how you can use shrink sleeves to enhance the shelf appeal of your products and use them to your best advantage.