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Transfer Foils

Shriram Veritech is the leading manufacturer of different types of Holographic transfer in India.

​​The advantages of stamping foils are many – they are permanent, cannot be peeled off or transferred and prove to be cost-effective for large volume applications as well.

Veritech’s range of holographic transfer foils are a secure, attractive and cost-effective solution for packaging as well as anti-counterfeting, widely used across many industry sectors.

Transfer Foils

Transfer foils are very versatile, and hence find their use in a wide variety of applications. Also known as stamping foils, these are extensively used in packaging and brand security solutions. Veritech has the infrastructure to integrate virtually unlimited covert, overt or forensic security features with these foils.

Types of foils offered by Veritech

  • Hot Stamping Foils
  • Chromium Based Hot Stamping Foils
  • High Refractive Index
  • (HRI) Foils
  • Holographic Cold Foils

Types of Foils

Transfer Foils
Hot Stamping Foils

Hot stamping is a process which uses a combination of heat and pressure for the application of holographic transfer foils onto various products, documents or packaging material. These are used in a wide variety of applications that require anti-counterfeiting or anti-tampering functionality. Hot stamping foils are widely used in industries such as Banking, Pharma, F&B, Tobacco, Wine & Liquor etc. They are also used extensively for high security applications such as cheques, stamp papers, banknotes and other secure documents.

Transfer Foils
Chromium Based Hot Stamping Foils

Armed with more than two decades of technical experience and cutting edge technology, Veritech has developed an advanced manufacturing process for the Chromium Based Hologram (CBH). This melding of expertise in holographic techniques and high-security printing capability has resulted in a CBH that incorporates all mandatory elements and hence finds acceptance nationwide – a critical factor for the vehicle-based application. Veritech’s Chromium-based holographic hot stamping foils are resilient and tamper-resistant owing to their unique manufacturing process, and are widely used in high-security registration plates (HSRP) owing to their durability and longevity in outdoor conditions.

Transfer Foils
High Refractive Index (HRI) Foils

HRI Stamping Foil is a transparent metallized material which can be used in high-security transparent holograms. HRI foils are metallized with Zinc Sulfide instead of aluminium which imparts a transparent appearance to it. These foils are diffusion free and have a higher consistency of holographic effects as compared to other holograms, which make them very useful in applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, bank documents, ID cards, and academic certificates.

Transfer Foils
Holographic Cold Foils

This is an online transfer process wherein a UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate as per the desired shape and design, after which the foil is applied on to the substrate, and then stripped away, leaving only the area where the adhesive was applied. Since this process does not need a die to be made, there is a considerable reduction in the production time. Cold foiling can also have various special effects such as embossing, gradient, gloss/matte finish etc.

Transfer Foils
Demetallized Foils

Demetallization is widely used on currency notes, security documents and many other confidential documents. These foils can also be seen on the Euro, owing to its high level of security against duplication. Demetallization means that the metal part is removed from specific areas of the hologram to form various security patterns or design enhancements. It is perceived as one of the highest levels of security in modern hologram technology.