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Tamper Evidence

Tamper-evidence is a critical functionality of any label which seeks to prevent the tampering of the product or packaging it is applied to. Veritech’s Tamper Evident solutions address multiple levels of security to reduce the risk of tampering as much as possible.

Tamper-evident seals or packaging provide numerous benefits to brands and businesses across many industries. In some sectors, tamper-evidence is highly critical as well as mandatory, such as in the pharmaceutical and F&B industries.  For others it provides security throughout the supply chain and distribution channels.

Types of Tamper Evidence

Every brand likes to have an extra layer of security for its products. So today, we at Shriram Veritech Solutions have a secured layer of labeling known as the Anti-Tamper Label.

Anti-Tamper labels protect highly precious products, smartphones and other gadgets, cargo shipments, DVDs and CDs, Laptops, forensic samples, and other official tools and others.

Anti-tamper labels are an excellent solution to increase the security of valuable assets. Along with that, it also helps in the reduction of causes related to theft as the temper labels come with a chessboard-like pattern; so, if someone wants to remove the tamper and perform any manipulation with the label, due to the high-security level, they won’t be able to do it.

Moreover, suppose you compare tamper labels with any other standard security label. In that case, you will tend to notice one crucial thing clear evidence will be left behind on removing a tamper label, whereas in other labels, this uniqueness seems missing.

Shriram Veritech Solutions are highly professional with their work and ensures proper position to satisfy their clients.

Anti-tamper labels come in two main types which are:

Tamper Evident labels: If you remove this mark after it has been applied, a pattern underneath it with the word “VOID” will remain. Tamper-evident protection labels are polyester and resistant to scratching and exposure to water and mild chemicals. They’re perfect for labeling office equipment that’s vulnerable to theft.

Destructible Vinyl Security Labels: When scratched or removed, this form of mark can fully disintegrate. The vinyl is ideal for this application and should be used indoors. In circumstances where you need to prevent unauthorized label transfers between assets, a destructible vinyl protection label is an excellent option.

There are numerous styles within which you can choose a particular style that suits your brand and looks suitable for your product. 

Shriram Veritech Solutions offers various customizations at every level, whether with color, text, style, or size.

The label comes in a white background with black graphics, which is the standard option available.

Shriram Veritech Solutions offers customizations with captions oriented on the label, consisting of a serial number, asset name, brand name, and text provided directly by the brand. In addition, customizations related to barcodes are also available to meet the requirement about scanning hardware.

Types of Tamper Evidence

Honeycomb Tamper
Honeycomb Tamper (View Demo)

In this type of Hologram, a ‘honeycomb’ pattern is visible when the Hologram is peeled off. This pattern can be customized depending on order quantity.

Void Tamper
Void Tamper (View Demo)

When this hologram is peeled off, it leaves ‘VOID’ text on the packaging. It enhances product security to a great extent as very few companies have the technology to make high quality pattern release.

Customized Tamper
Customized Tamper (View Demo)

This is a high security option wherein the logo or name of the company is incorporated as a tamper evident feature. When an attempt is made to peel off the hologram, the logo or name is left behind on the substrate as well as on the hologram itself.

Full Release Tamper
Full Release Tamper

It is a double layered hologram with clear film on top and a holographic layer at the base which sticks to the substrate on application. Any attempt to remove the hologram results in the release of only top layer of clear film while holographic layer is completely left behind on the substrate.

Destructible Vinyl
Destructible Vinyl (View Demo)

This is a special material which can be used for difficult surfaces where tamper evidence is critical. After application, if the label is removed, the material will break up into small pieces thereby destroying the label and preventing its re-use.