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3D Hologram – Everything You Should Know About

Veritech 3D Hologram – Everything You Should Know About

November 24

3D Hologram – Everything You Should Know About

3D Hologram

In today’s technological world, many technological inventions are coming in front of you, one of them is 3D hologram technology, today; we are going to understand in detail if you know a little about it or if you are interested in 3D Hologram stickers, Virtual Reality, If you know very little about the technical term like augmented reality, then today’s post will prove to be very helpful in understanding hologram technique working.

3D hologram stickers are generally three-dimensional images, which is produced by high-technology optical laser-recording techniques. A hologram has several layers of impressions of the master design. Therefore, a hologram is a reputable solution for brand protection & brand promotion.

What is 3D Hologram

Holography is a miracle of science in which we can record the light beam and recreate it later, in which Lights waves and holograms play a prominent role.
With the help of holograms, we can create 3D images of any type and images of motion. Holography is created by combining two Greek words, Holo and Graphy, which means a complete picture, or as such, Holo means whole, and Graphic mean writing.
While on the one hand, we store 2D images in photography; on the other, it is possible to capture 3D images with the help of holograms.


Hologram Projector – This can be a display device on which you want to view the Hologram.

3D Hologram – in which you split the laser beam into two separate parts to create a hologram using a mirror with a special angle.

Real Object – it is a main object whose hologram image you want to make.

To make 3D hologram technology, you must have three particular mirrors and a laser source; you keep all three mirrors at the same angle, as you can see in the figure.

Manufacturer of 3D Hologram in India

Corporate entities are increasingly using hologram stickers and labels and business establishments to accord uniqueness to their products and services and protect them from duplicity and counterfeiting.

Shriram Veritech is also one of them and the world’s most famous 3D hologram manufacturers in Greater Noida (India).

We have a very advanced and experienced team to make 3d holograms with precision-based technology; we make an error-free 3D hologram.

Importance of 3D Hologram

Nowadays, a business owner needs to do many things to ensure his company’s progress. Therefore, it would help if you thought of what you should do to tackle the menace of the counterfeit industry.

Talking about Hologram, it comes in many types, but it includes three unique holograms: Reflection, Transmission, and Hybrid.

Types of 3D Hologram

Reflection Hologram: They produce a high-quality image where the image is created with the help of a laser source; both the object and the reference beam are on opposite sides of the holographic plate.

Transmission hologram: The objects and reference beams occur on the same side of the holographic plate in this particular Hologram. In this hologram technique, the laser light is translated at a particular angle above the mirror to see the image on the other side.

Shriram Veritech aims to provide 100% customized 3D Holograms, 3D holographic labels, and 3D holographic sticker requirements with our experienced team. The 3D holograms, labels, and stickers are produced in specialized machines making forgery next to impossible.