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Barcode/QR codes: the new age Brand Security – Veritech

Veritech Barcode/QR codes: the new age Brand Security – Veritech

November 24

Barcode/QR codes: the new age Brand Security – Veritech

Barcode/QR code systems are designed for accelerating Information processing for any business. These codes are mainly used on FMCG companies, retailers, travel operators & hospitality businesses, food companies, and the healthcare sector.

Know how Barcode helps to protect your brand?

QR codes label sticker that is fixed on a product or item, and it gives only classification to a product or package. Through which you can find information about the product via scanning these sticker labels. Barcodes/QR code labels are applied to products as a means of speedy identification with new-age Brand security systems. 

Do barcode labels help to protect your brand know-how?

Suppliers now include security barcodes direct thermal barcode labels on most of the packaging material so that the sources in a problem. Security barcode & barcodes labels are now widely used in various industries.

Kinds of Barcode/QR code

The codes can be categorized into three main categories:

Liner codes: 1D barcode labels are lines used to store text information, such as product type, size, and color. Alphanumeric data (i.e., letters and numbers) are encoded within the lines and spaces, although limited to the number of characters, and linked to a database where the data are housed. When the Barcode is scanned using a camera-based imaging or laser-based scanner, the encoded data is decrypted, revealing the information input within the database.

2D Codes: 2D barcodes are unique high-security holograms for brand protection. In addition, 2d Barcode specializes in storing more information than just text, such as the price. 

QR code: A QR code (quick response) is 2D Barcode that can store alphanumeric information such as a URL.

Integrating Barcodes into Packaging Solutions for Brand Security

Many consumers buy counterfeit products deliberately so that they can pay very lower prices, so it’s often only you and your brand that suffers. Therefore, labels and packaging should be your first defense against counterfeit products.

Since these labels are used to communicate with the end-user, it becomes essential to add an element of security. The end-user and the brand owner can authenticate the genuine products.

The material used in a Barcode

Laminate or Top Coat: Laminate or topcoat is the protective coating or covering placed on top of the face stock after printing the Barcode. Usually, the laminate is some form of plastic material.

Ink: If your assets are indoor-only, you can get away with a spot of less expensive ink. In the open assets, you will want ultra-violet light-opposing ink. These inks can last for years in direct sunlight.

Adhesive: It comes in different strengths, or “aggressiveness.” It’s also free from dust, grease, oil, or any releasing agents.

We offer the most sophisticated products to our esteemed customers in the era of new technology that maximizes the security label in the most appropriate way. Presenting hologram bar code labels that offer security and provide all necessary information about the products. Blending the benefits of Barcode/QR labels that safeguard a product or a receipt from duplication.

 We aim to make Veritech a ‘Power Brand’ by building a dynamic and loyal customer base, offering value additions in every experience. We envision expanding into new segments with innovative products, thus building a brand sentiment with our customers.

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