Applications of Holograms

FMCG & Cosmetics

  • Customized labeling & secure packaging solutions for retail / consumer goods

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

  • All types of secure pharmaceutical packaging conforming to EU Guidelines.
  • ​Digital Authentication & Traceability Solutions.

Event Tickets / Redemption Coupons

  • High-security access control instruments devised to maintain the exclusivity of any event.
  • Two levels of authentication – one for customers and one for the field staff / organizers.
  • Perforation line for easy separation of counterfoil.
  • Printed on high-quality substrates and customized finishes as per design & requirement.

Bank Cards / Cheques / Documents

  • Highest levels of security products to safeguard against financial fraud.

Passports / Government IDs

  • A host of document security solutions for government & legal departments.
  • Security Printing solutions for Universities & Institutions to safeguard against certificate forgery.

Automotive Spares & Consumables

  • Highly secure MRP labels for automotive spares, consumables & accessories.
  • ​Secure holograms for High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP).

Consumer Electronics

  • Anti-counterfeiting, authentication and traceability solutions for consumer electronic goods.
  • Warranty Coupons.


  • World-class brand protection solutions for apparel, footwear and luxury goods manufacturers.

Wine & Liquor

  • Customized premium wine & liquor labels.
  • ​Registered printing anti-tamper holograms for Excise Departments.


  • Anti-counterfeiting, authentication and traceability solutions for hardware / software products.
  • Warranty Seals.


  • Anti-counterfeiting & authentication solutions for sanitary hardware.

Pesticides / Paint / Chemicals

  • Anti Tamper seals for paints & other construction supplies.
  • Anti-Counterfeiting solutions for packaging of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers & other agro-chemicals.

Printing & Publication

  • Wide range of holographic authentication products for the publishing industry.

Mobile Phones / Accessories

  • Anti-counterfeiting, authentication and traceability solutions for mobile phones and other handheld devices.