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Anti counterfeiting Solution

Veritech Anti counterfeiting Solution

November 2

Anti counterfeiting Solution

Counterfeiting is the production of fake products for profit. It is a type of forgery in which printed products is replicated to defraud by passing them off as a genuine product. Because of the high degree of technical ability needed to counterfeit products, counterfeiting is distinguished from other forms of forgery and is regarded as a separate crime.

Recently, the end-users role in detecting and curtailing counterfeiter activities has been explored. Various strategies for countering counterfeiting actions are being implemented to overcome the growing threat of fraudulent distributors. Examine how digital anti-counterfeiting technologies are advancing in securing companies’ marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions of Various Types

There are four different types of anti-duplication solutions:

Overt: Overt solutions are obvious and apparent to the naked eye, so no additional tools are needed. They can enable spot visual authentication in packaging, stickers, and documents.

Covert: This anti-faking solution is challenging to spot and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Microtext, specific synthetic tagging, ultraviolet and infrared inks, and other examples of this technology need specialized tools and equipment for authentication.

Forensic: Due to their covert existence, these anti-duplication solutions necessitate using specialized methods and equipment to detect counterfeiting. For validation, the samples and products must be submitted to laboratories.

Digital: Anti-duplication solutions require electronic and automated authentication methods and can be covert or explicit. QR codes, RFID tags, serialized numbers, comparative databases, and other digital solutions for combating counterfeiting can be found.

Various Protection Options for Products and Applications

According to Shriram Veritech Solutions, Anti-tampering solutions are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where goods must be protected from adulteration or substitution. They reassure consumers about the genuineness of the products they want to buy.

Anti-counterfeiting tools assist consumers in distinguishing between imitation and original goods. Their features may be overt, forensic, overt, or mixed depending on the authentication requirements.

Tracking and traceability solutions need special and mass serialization codes to prove the originality of objects and goods. They ensure safe product movement across the supply chain system, from suppliers to end-users and all points in between. Furthermore, they allow real-time tracking and traceability of locational and other product-specific data.

Counterfeiters will be outwitted, and customers will be protected

Shriram Veritech Solutions is using digital tools to combat counterfeiters, allowing them to ensure product authenticity and protect their supply chain. The demand for anti-counterfeiting solutions is increasing by the day, and this trend is expected to continue in the future!

Automated anti-counterfeit goods transform current packaging and barcodes into specific digital identifiers.

These digital codes and identifiers are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. However, they can monitor and authenticate items down to the individual level.

Anti-faking digital tools offer end-to-end real-time analytics to improve supply chain visibility.

To ensure seamless security, blockchain-enabled technologies are used to link physical goods to automated supply chains.