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Holograms And Their Importance In Today’s Scenario

Veritech Holograms And Their Importance In Today’s Scenario

September 13

Holograms And Their Importance In Today’s Scenario

While making sales, companies pay attention to the security details of products. They use a specific hologram for this purpose, known as security holograms. Holograms are multi-colored patterns of light with 3D depth, as opposed to conventional printing, which is flat. They can also be printed on a label for easy identification.

You can find security holograms on the products of various industries. In general, they can be seen on various products such as sporting goods, watches, cosmetics, computer software, etc.

Security holograms have captured the attention of businesses over the last few years. There’s a good reason for it, though. Security Holograms allow easy storage of Simple and complex information, which can be utilized to identify geuine goods from fake. Furthermore, the Latest technological innovations make these extremely difficult to duplicate and, therefore, essential investment from brands, panning across all industries.

Holograms play a very significant role in Fighting the fakes. They make for high security yet easy to apply techniques without adding unnecessary cost to the original product. For example, in the Anti Counterfeiting industry, the revolutionary label-based & 3D holograms have forced the brands to invest inthis product, making it more of a standard rather than add-on service. Moreover, they not only allow brands to gather better information, but with the new generation of Optical Visual effects, new coating techniques, and innovative materials, along with Unique serialization technologies, India is at the brimming front of producing the most visually stunning and secure holograms, thus making them essentials in the fight against duplication.

Veritech continuously innovates to add to its already extensive range of security features. Each feature thus designed is overt, covert, or forensic.

•       overt features are for end-user authentication;

•       covert features are for field-level verification while

•       forensic features are for lab verification.

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