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Security Labels And Seals Against Product Fraud

Veritech Security Labels And Seals Against Product Fraud

February 14

Security Labels And Seals Against Product Fraud

Secure label and security seals labels, apart from protecting your products, also provide an attractive look to your products with their colourful appearance. They are cost-effective and come in desired shape and size. When these labels are coated with UV or are laminated, they become resistant to moisture. People can easily make out if a holographic label has been tampered with, thus giving them a chance to identify the duplicate or used Product.

Holograms stickers might have several advantages, but all of them might go to waste if you do not choose the right hologram sticker manufacturers. So, before choosing a security labels and seals manufacturer, make sure that it is an acknowledged company aware of norms in manufacturing stickers. Choosing the right manufacturer will make a plethora of differences to your business.

Only experienced Security labels and security labels manufacturers will know about techniques in manufacturing original security seal stickers that cannot be duplicated. On the other hand, good hologram sticker manufacturers will be aware of hologram sticker printing techniques like UV, hot foil printing, etc. So, choose the best manufacturer to protect your brand name.

How security labels and security seals Help to protect your Product from counterfeiting

One of the main uses of security labels is therefore in the fight against forgery; by affixing this type of adhesive to your Product, you significantly reduce the chances of your label being transferred to an unofficial product (void effect) or prevent its removal without a trace to ensure permanent identification.

Anti-counterfeit labels and security seals can also be used as indicators to ensure the integrity of a product.

Security Labels and security seals are the most widely used tools for establishing brand identity and customer interaction. At present, we have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and brand protectors besides providing comprehensive information about the Product and the brand itself. 

Security labels are ideal for packaging and pure seals. When they are removed, a white grid pattern distributes from the label. Once peel off, the label can no longer be affixed in the original position or transferred to other objects. 


Over features

The word overt means open and observable, not secret or hidden, which can be seen with naked eyes. These features consist of impressive visual effects and come with a fantastic array of three-dimensional options for higher protection. Overt features comprise the first level of defense against counterfeiting so that the end-user can easily spot a counterfeit product using such features. Here are some Overt features:

  • 3d Mirror
  • Guilloche pattern
  • De-metallized Holostrip
  • Micro text
  • Barcode

Covert features

Covert features offer a higher defense against counterfeiting by adding an invisible layer of security. These are hand-held, inexpensive devices which field-level personnel can carry for on-the-spot verification.

  • 2D chipper code
  • Security printing features
  • Invisible U.V
  • Coin Reactive
  • Encrypted Pattern


Forensic features require specialized laboratory equipment’s to be readable and are therefore virtually invisible. To authenticate a Hologram using a forensic feature, the Hologram needs to be observed under specialized devices such as a high-powered microscope.

These features of security labels are very advanced and full of advanced technology to secure Products from forgery or any duplications of your Product.

Shriram Veritech caters to various product label applications such as Wine Labels, Apparel Tags, FMCG Labels, and many more. All the security labels and secure seals labels are customizable in design, substrate, adhesive type, or application technique as per the different-2 requirements of clients.

Veritech manufactures secure Sealing Labels that supply tamper protection and simultaneously contain additional product information or branding. These are available during various substrates and adhesive combinations, counting on their usage and the customers’ requirements.