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Tackling the menace of online counterfeiting

Veritech Tackling the menace of online counterfeiting

December 20

Tackling the menace of online counterfeiting

It is estimated that there are about 20 million e-commerce stores selling products on the internet around the world today, which generates over one trillion US dollars in revenue every year. India’s E-commerce revenue was close to US $39 billion in 2017 and is expected to jump to US $120 billion in 2020.

Veritech Plus is a user-friendly and point-of-sale Digital authentication system integrated with other verification forms (holographic/non-holographic). A powerful combination of UID codes (Unique Identification) with tamper-proof seals/labels and sophisticated algorithms allow end consumers to instantly authenticate various products in a smart and fully automated way from even palmtops.

We are the leading provider of brand protection & anti-counterfeiting solutions with over 1200 satisfied customers in India and many other countries. The company has a longstanding reputation for Customized Brand Protection and Security Solutions, with extensive online, offline retailers.

We are helping the brand owners struggling to find an effective solution to these issues and maintain consumer goodwill and confidence. But, unfortunately, in certain cases, online retailers may not even be aware of the genuineness of the products being transacted through their websites.

Even social media is targeted-

Social media platforms are also being leveraged by counterfeiters. It is done by establishing private groups that link sellers and buyers together on social networking websites and applications which support forums and bookmarking. The sole purpose of these sites is to entrap consumers with fake offers, non-existent features, and too-good-to-be-true prices.

These counterfeiters are further encouraged because social media sites do not seem interested in addressing this issue and leave it up to the brands to take.

Here is some point How Veritech protects your product from online counterfeiting:

Qr Code


QR Code Scanner is the very fastest and most user-friendly web application for checking instant product authentication. Using a QR code, you can verify your end-to-end security.



A unique high-security OVD for brand protection specially innovated for track and trace. This special OVD can carry an encoded barcode that can easily be traced and tracked through the scanner.


ADD VALUE TO YOUR – supply chain management is an integral part of any business process. However, as product manufacturing assumes mammoth dimensions, the micromanagement of each item and its security emerges as a gigantic problem nationwide.

Online brand security is a major challenge, but it is not impossible. Companies can give themselves the upper hand by employing today’s high-tech anti-simulations and anti-tampering solutions. By understanding the best practices and having robust systems and processes in place, brands can come together to combat and win against the illicit simulation industry.