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How to grow your business with security holograms

Veritech How to grow your business with security holograms

March 15

How to grow your business with security holograms

Holograms are shiny, metallic patterns with random images floating inside to defeat counterfeiters. As these are almost impossible to reproduce, they help stop making illegal copies. It involves using a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording, and suitable illumination of the recording.

A hologram has two central qualities: impressive and practically impossible to counterfeit. Multi-color effects, three-dimensionality, and microscopically small security elements effectively prevent counterfeiting by scanning and color copying since the original hologram and the copy can be easily distinguished with bare eyes when the security hologram is correctly designed. The hologram owner must inform the consumers of what the genuine hologram used by the company looks like. 

In addition to providing security, holograms should be used in building product and brand images. More than ever before, consumers value the originality of products and the company’s responsibility. As a result, the most trusted company is the one that gets selected. Holograms are effective eye-catchers, but they have also become a popular visual effect in marketing and package design. 

Using different production methods, holograms can be produced on various materials. As a result, a correctly designed and built security hologram can be made at reasonable costs despite the technical challenges.

Security Holograms provide a recognized and highly effective solution to this challenge. It is virtually impossible without extensive technical means and knowledge to make an exact reproduction of a well-designed hologram, making it an extremely effective tool for securing documents, credit cards, banknotes, and any other item requiring additional safety and security.

Holograms are a cost-effective way of simultaneously protecting your product against counterfeiting and tampering while adding a new dimension to your product’s advertising and promotional appeal. Holograms are extensively used to protect product authenticity and enhance and secure brand image. In addition, holograms are safeguarded to protect original documents that are important, sensitive, and valuable against forgery.

Apart from being intrinsically attractive, Holograms can incorporate multiple visual elements and graphic designs for a highly effective product. For instance, a cricketer can be shown hitting a shot, or a cartoon character can be animated. 3D holograms are generally employed for this purpose. Veritech manufactures the widest variety of high-quality 3D promotional holograms.